Free Comic Books

For even those not alive for the comic books of the 1930's and the subsequent Golden Age comic books, the notion of buying comic books for pocket changes is a thrill for any fan of good comic books. Due to skyrocketing printing costs and inflation, the days of nickel and dime classic comic books are over. Prior to 1962, comic books fan for just ten cents – now they run for at least $2.99.

There have been a handful of comics printed around – or even below – the classic prices. In an attempt to revise readership, both Marvel and DC have offered comic books for ten cents – or less. But many times, these comic books were only the beginning of a Batman comic book crossover for example – in order to get the full story, fans of good comic books would have to spend a lot more.

Free Comic Books do have a place in the classic comic book industry. Since 2002, Free Comic Book Day has brought fans both new and old into comic book stores. Each May, comic book publishers of every kind send participating stores stacks of free issues ranging from mainstays like DC and Marvel to Bongo Comic Books, IDW Publishing and Dark Horse. From comic books for kids to gothic comic books like "The Umbrella Academy" and other graphic comic books, good comic books of all genres are included in the festivities.

If there are any year-round homes for free comic books, it is certainly the Internet. There, free comic books can be uploaded as either online comic books – more commonly called webcomics – or digital comic books read in the form of Flash or PDF. The prior has become vastly more popular, due to the ease of reading and ability to tap into specialized audiences with everything from video game humor, manga appeal or graphic comic books content. However, major comic book publishers have often used the latter form of digital comic books to sidestep printing costs in offering free issues to its audience.

With a rise in Hollywood hype on comic book movies, its doubtful interest in free comic books will wane one bit. With both Batman comic books and Wolverine comic books heading for the silver screen treatment in this summer and the next, look for more free comic books to hit the both stands and the screens in a variety of places

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